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NOVELS by Thomas Weston
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Who knows what reverses of fortune result in a person ending up homeless on the street?

     In the case of William Winslow, embezzling funds from an employer set a string of events in motion that landed him on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida answering to the name of Slim and scrounging through dumpsters for food.

     Slim’s cunning and guile lifted him out of his dire circumstances as he became enmeshed in a web of criminal behavior.

     Travel along as author Thomas Weston traces the life of Slim from the guttermost to the uttermost and back again to its shocking conclusion.  


Handsome Jon Braw enjoys casually defrauding the women he hooks up with on Internet dating sites. His life changes the day he meets his match in Victoria, a female hustler hiding a deadly fetish. Jon gets sucked into her whirlwind of cunning, sex, murder and insanity, and it nearly destroys him. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as author Thomas Weston guides you through calculated trysts and demented perversions.

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Perhaps Tobias Easton's compulsion to start fires stemmed from his childhood abuse,but how can we account for his becoming the serial arsonist and murderer that he later developed into? Are some of us simply born with a twisted nature and psychosis,or is there a flaw in our nature that delights in wickedness and wrongdoing?

     One thing is for sure, as long as there are Tobias Easton's in this world it will be difficult for us to rest easy in our persons and homes.

     With a Forward by nationally-recognized fire and arson investigator, Gregory J. Cahanin, Thomas Weston gives us a first-person glimpse into the life and mind of a psychopath.  

     Prepare to be shocked as things become Fired Up! 


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After escaping from a seemingly hopeless environment of poverty and religious fanaticism, Angel Adams finds herself in a Victorian mansion on Nob Hill in San Francisco,  enmeshed in a sinister society known as the Serpentine Order and under the influence of its Grand Master, the evil Merl Lynn. Drugged and deceived, she is coerced into murdering Alexander Thorpe, an aspiring gubernatorial candidate. She ultimately escapes the control of the Serpentine Order and sets her feet on a path of truth and goodness.  (A large 512 page novel.)



When John left a Chinese restaurant and phoned the number listed on a cryptic fortune cookie message, he had no idea of the web of intrigue and murder he was about to become entangled in or of the wealth and true love he was destined to find.

     An exciting crime noir novel from the pen of Thomas Weston.  Cover painting by James Nelson of St. Petersburg, Florida


TURNABOUTS Richard Paulson, the founder and President of Hard Core Software, had everything going for him except a happy marriage with Janet, his wife of over twenty years. His misguided affair with his receptionist, Jenny, unleashed a chain of events that lead to murder and threatened to destroy his career and marriage.  In the end, only a series of turnabouts saved them.  Another exciting adventure from the pen of Thomas Weston.


Sgt. Phillip Davis and Sgt. Anthony Trangotta of the Sheriff's office were under increasing pressure to solve a series of murders that were taking place with increasing frequency within the Tampa Bay drumming community. Fear was spreading as citizens did not know where the madman might strike next.


HEADHUNTERS: In The Drum Circle Murders, we met Sgt. Phillip Davis and Sgt. Anthony Trangotta, detectives with the Pinellas County, Florida, Sheriff's Department.  Except for cases involving one killer, Warren Williams, they had been successful in solving most of the murders that had been perpetrated within the Tampa Bay drumming community, and their success had been instrumental in helping Sheriff Jeff Spencer win reelection.

     Warren Williams had committed a particularly gruesome crime by decapitating a woman named Ruby and leaving her body hanging upside down from an oak tree in Boyd Hill Nature park in St. Petersburg.  This crime had left a deep impression on Sgt. Trangotta, one that he could not seem to shake.

Due to a lack of funding, some criminally insane inmates in Florida mental hospitals had been released, and they, like Warren, shared his lust for blood and a growing desire to kill and decapitate their victims.  More and more, they were becoming head hunters.




THE EXPLOITATION of helpless simians by a wicked pharmaceutical company comes to an end when their genetically-altered research subjects escape, and the tables are turned on the human species that has too long exploited the creatures that share the planet with them. IN THIS award-winning and terrifying science fiction novel, Thomas Weston envisions a future when the time of  the people of today's world comes to an end, and earth moves on to the next cycle of evolution.  A must read...chilling and horrific!



The line between reality and illusion becomes more and more blurred as Adam Andrews is carried into a fantasy world of his own making.

In this horrific tale of self-deception and murder, Thomas Weston traces the downward spiral of a man descending into total insanity.



    When Eric was released from Quiet Waters mental hospital he believed he was cured, but the day he answered an ad for free eye surgery that changed. He was plunged into a world where he could not tell the difference between reality and illusion.

     In this sequel to “Hallucinations” author Thomas Weston paints in broad strokes the picture of a man who descends further and further into madness.





Craig Carlyle is enjoying his life as a slacker when the death of an elderly widow across the street starts a string of events that suck him into a whirlpool of madness in which horror after horror cascade down upon him and he finds himself enmeshed in a situation where he is teetering on the cusp of madness.  In this terrifying science fiction/horror masterpiece, Thomas Weston  weaves a tale of deception and intrigue that is guaranteed to make your skin crawl.  


In this shocking  novel, death violates its restraining order as giant locusts are used by the demonic Shadow Masters in an attempt to establish a new religion called The Assembly of the Golden Locust. One horrific surprise follows another as we follow the transformation of Maxwell Legassa from an unknown author to an adept teetering on the cusp of madness. At the end, one walks away wondering if, perhaps, these things could really happen.


When Walter Thomas accepted the invitation of his friend Brett Fisher to attend the services at a small oneness Pentecostal church he did not know what he was getting into. Something in the atmosphere of the cult-like church tapped into the darkest recesses of his soul, and he found himself changing and becoming enmeshed in events that ultimately led to a series of gruesome murders. In this fact-based fictionalized novel, Thomas Weston knocks the props out from under the false oneness Pentecostal religion and rips the cover off exposing the deception and hypocrisy that is at its core.


Mysteries of the Multiverse and Mind 
A look at the nature of the universe and man. How we may shape ourselves and our environment through the use of creative visualization and positive affirmations.