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FANTASY and POEMS by Thomas Weston
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When Leonard and Mona visited a thrift shop, all they wanted was a cheap shirt and blouse. Instead the garments they tried on transported them to other dimensions and horrors they’d never imagined. Travel with them for an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever imagined.

What happens when Adolph Hitler appears promising to "Make America Great Again" and becomes President of the United States?




A deranged husband and wife are committing horrible acts of torture and murder. They record their terrible crimes to sell to twisted people around the world as snuff videos.

After reading this horrific tale you’ll think twice before running or answering an ad.


WARNING: This novel is not for the squeamish or easily offended. 



Bo paid little attention to the cracks forming in the walls of his cement block house in the small town of Gangaville, Florida. He attributed tremors to the house settling.

Terror engulfed him as the floor of his bedroom collapsed, and he dropped into a sinkhole where he found people living that had captured him as part of a pending revolution.

Prepare to be shocked as Thomas Weston takes you into a world that may exist just under our very feet.



All Adam and Eve Gaunt wanted was to get out of the house for the weekend. Having limited funds what better place to go than a flea market? How could they have known that at Legiondell they would walk through a door taking them into a new life of vampirism, cannibalism, sex and murder? Thomas Weston takes us on a terrifying, blood-drenched journey into the heart of darkness.


When Jason was released from the mental hospital he became convinced that the peoples of the world are a destructive virus that must be eliminated to save the Earth.  This was confirmed to him by the voices and visions that flooded his brain.

     With the help of an evil mentally-disturbed doctor who has developed a deadly virus and a disgruntled female cyber-warfare department programmer, they set out to wipe out what they consider to be the human virus.

     As a pandemic ensues and electrical power fails,  millions die around the world and the human species appears to be doomed.

     A chilling science fiction novel from the pen of Thomas Weston.  Cover painting by James Nelson of St. Petersburg, Florida.


After Patti lost weight and took over as manager of the Integrity Business Bureau, she felt like she was on top of the world. The day a mysterious stranger named Seth Fenriz showed up everything changed, and she was drawn into a whirlpool of horror. Prepare to have your senses jarred as Thomas Weston pulls back the barrier that separates us from another dimension


IT ONLY COST A DOLLAR    When Mark and Paula left the Everything For a Dollar store with some figurines, they had no idea that what they were bringing home was about to open the door into other dimensions and would ultimately result in the battle of the ages and the eventual destruction of the earth.

A terrifying glimpse into the realms of parallel dimensions and the powers behind them.

THE SECRET COVEN OF SCHIVONE   Andrew Foley never suspected when he stepped out into his backyard for some fresh air that he would be transported into an adventure involving some of the most evil entities in the universe. Only the intervention of the powerful wizard Whitesword saved him from an existence of spiritual slavery at the hands of the evil goddess Kali.



 What does one do when a stray cat is brought home, and he turns into a monster? Seth and Susan brought such an animal into their home with the idea of having a new pet. They discovered to their horror that Mister G was far more than they had bargained for. A short science-fiction horror story from the pen of Thomas Weston.


My name is Raymond J. Rommel. Over nine years ago I was locked up here on death row in the San Quentin State Prison north of San Francisco.

     There are over seven hundred of us awaiting execution as lawyers file appeals and rack up billable hours. My attorney tried to have me declared not guilty by reason of insanity after a psychiatric evaluation declared I’m deranged and possibly a border-line homicidal psychopath, none of which is true, and I should be committed to a psychiatric facility rather than being incarcerated in prison. This was rejected by the court, and a jury convicted me of first-degree murder and sentenced me to death.

     My appeals have been almost exhausted, so it probably won’t be long until they take me to the lethal injection room and insert needles into my arms. At least they don’t do hangings or use the gas chamber anymore.

     There have been a few incidents where I’ve lost my temper with some abusive officers, and one lost an eye. They need to understand you fuck with me at your peril. 

     They’ve unjustly placed me in a section of death row known as the Adjustment Center that’s reserved for those they call the worst of the worst. This is ridiculous and unfair since I had no choice but to defend myself.



Books of poems and observations include:
Little Book of Poems and Thoughts
Dangerous Curves Ahead
Outlaw Voices in My Head
Musings & Madness
Ponderings On The Path
End of Empire
America ~ A Failing Nation
Night Train to Nowhere
Streams of Consciousness...
Eleven Books of Thoughts and Observations
Prelude to Chaos
Looking Back From Tomorrow


Of Elves and Fairies
In azure hues the vines they hung
Along the castle walls that run
Above the king's dale and air
To misty heights and vistas fair
There among the shrouded heights
A wizard lurked to spin delights
Of magic spells and mystic frights
Occult moons and severed sights
On summer nights the fairies play
Fleeing inward at the day
To vanish in the shadow realm
And vanquish doubts that take the helm
"Unreal this," I hear you say
And yet you dream when past the day
And who's to say these things aren't so?
Surely not those who do not know
Our minds are keen, our senses sharp
For dwelling in a heart that's dark
Are many things strange yet unfeared
Especially what we hold as dear
So do not doubt and do not jest
For you may find some quiet nest
Containing elves and dragons rare
That can be seen by those who dare
Thomas Weston